I am an experienced, effective, and (dare I say) entertaining speaker who has spoken in front of audiences ranging from a few die-hards to thousands. Aside from giving readings at venues from bars to schools, I have been an invited speaker at library conferences and training events, and a lecturer on literary topics at schools, libraries, writers groups, clubs, and other assorted gatherings. Over the past few years, I have also hosted weekly virtual events for an average of 100 attendees on topics related to digital literacy/technology and career development. Here are a few of my favorite talks and topics:

  • Author Talks/Poetry Reading: Naturally, I am available to read my work on my own or on a marquee with others.
  • Libraries: I’ve trained librarians and library workers on advocacy, working with writers, community-building, de-escalation, customer service, and more. I have also delivered many talks on the future of libraries to the general public at chambers of commerce, civic and service organizations, Toastmasters clubs, and more. Also, to every Lyft driver I’ve ever had.
  • Public Speaking: Teaching public speaking is a passion of mine. I’ve spoken on this topic from a variety of angles (how to prepare, dealing with nerves, shaping a speech, etc.), and ranging from 10 minutes to three hours. Because the subject is so deep, it’s easy to customize a presentation with any time limit and audience experience level.
  • Literary topics (for a general audience): I love sharing my love of literature and am able to present on many works and authors, ancient and contemporary, given enough preparation time. One of my most treasured personal and professional experiences was leading a Russian Literature Reading Group at the Topanga Library. Every month for almost two years, I presented a lecture on a topic in Russian literature followed by a discussion on that month’s reading. Here is the syllabus for that group (.pdf). If you’re interested, I am happy to email the poetry packets I put together, just get in touch via the email below.
  • Literary topics (for writers): Writing is a craft with many technical aspects requiring practice and effort. I have delivered many lectures and workshops on poetry, and a few on the details of science fiction legend Philip K. Dick.

Though many of my presentations are light-hearted and humorous, I take my commitment to audiences very seriously. I always arrive early to engagements and am very punctual about any time limits. Contact me and let's discuss how I can help!