(Warning: This page is in third-person because why not?)

It's him!

Oleg Kagan is an author, editor, speaker, writing coach and librarian. He has had his writing published on sites all over the web, as well as numerous literary journals and anthologies, including a weekly newsletter called Hello, My Friends. Oleg also founded, and serves as a Contributing Editor, for the EveryLibrary Medium Magazine where his articles have received over 250,000 views. As a speaker, Oleg has presented widely on literary and library-related topics to audiences of up to several thousand people. He has worked at libraries in the greater Los Angeles area for the past two decades, currently coordinating community engagement for one of the largest library systems in the United States. He is on the Advisory Board of EveryLibrary (where he is a media advisor), and the creative consultancy Catalyst Muse. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Ashley (also a librarian), and two kids.

Connect with Oleg on social media by liking his Facebook page and/or following him on LinkedIn. A lot of his library-related writing is on Medium. He also maintains an account on Are.na.