This site is written in HTML/CSS, using the jinja templating engine and compiled using staticjinja. The previous version of olegkagan.com had been a WordPress site. Before that, my web address of many years had been lifeinoleg.com. Earlier versions of my Life in Oleg were hosted on Geocities.

The overall "design" of the site is deliberately minimal to keep the focus on the text, which makes typography all the more important. The main header is Fredericka the Great, designed by Crystal Kluge of Tart Workshop, who hand-drew it to loosely reference the typeface Modern No. 20 (source). The rest of the page uses Open Sans, a humanist typeface designed by Steve Matteson of Matteson Typographics. Open Sans was originally designed for Google branding before being released into the wild. I like it because it has a futuristic feel while maintaining a modern vibe, and most importantly, it is highly legible.